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Miami Production Trailers


Hi! My name is Carlos Serna and I want to formally introduce our new company Miami Production Trailers.

After working for many years in the production trailers industry in Florida, I decided to follow my dream and apply all my experience and customer-driven values in this new adventure.

For this reason, our company is governed by important values ​​of customer service to meet and exceed your needs in all our interactions. Swipe to learn about our company values ​​and principles that allow us to offer you the best service.


We keep our promises and take care of our clients' information.

teamwork miami production trailers


we are here to serve you and anticipate your needs to facilitate the operation of your productions or events.

responsibility miami trailers


We offer you high-performance units, reliable and on time service and a team ready for action.

passion work miami


We are passionate about what we do. Life is too short not to love what you do, why you do it, and who you do it with.

My team and I are very excited to be part of your events and productions!

We love helping our clients and going the extra mile to ensure their success.

We cannot wait to meet you and create an exceptional relationship based on great service, trust, and excellent value!



Contact us so we can offer you the best experience with our trailer service!

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